Jayadvaita Swami also reflected on Goswami Maharaja’s challenges in taking up the academic study of religion. “He was aware of what kind of battlefield he was on. It was not the place to go head-to-head with people and say, ‘You’re wrong; you’re a demon; you’re a speculator.’ It was a field in which you had to play on those people’s own terms, which was not easy. He knew it and talked about it. He didn’t always have blissful Krishna conscious association during his academic studies.

“But he took strength from the association of his Godbrothers, his Deities, his life-sized murti of Srila Prabhupada, and his own determination and faith. Of course, when he came to Mayapur, he relished the association of the devotees and the shelter of the dhama just like asankirtana devotee. This was natural, because you could say that his work in academia was his sankirtana. And it was a whole lot tougher than distributing books in the parking lots.”

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