Giridhari Swami explained, “Goswami Maharaja was my closest Godbrother. He was always very kind to me in ways too numerous to mention. I had the great fortune of trying to assist him in his preaching work beginning from the Radha-Damodara party. Later on we took responsibility for the Dallas and Houston communities, and I went with him to Hong Kong, China, and other places around Asia. I saw a personality with unlimited determination to push forward Srila Prabhupada’s mission. I saw him overcome many, many obstacles. Impossible was certainly not a word in his vocabulary. He had this very great determination. He always had a very clear vision, he was always seeing ahead, and he was able to fulfill that vision. I saw him work harder than perhaps almost any devotee. Many work hard for the preaching movement, but I saw him working around the clock from morning to night, in ways that are just unbelievable. So that determination, that vision, that tremendous amount of hard work, it inspired all the devotees under him. He pushed us as he pushed himself. And, together with all the devotees under his charge, we accomplished tremendous preaching; some very wonderful projects were developed.

“He was always in the front, a pioneer for new programs, projects, new preaching visions. It’s really impossible to calculate the volume of service that he rendered. In so many places around the world you will find least in the beginning days he had some connection with that project, or he had contact with someone who did. He inspired so much.”

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