The TKGMF is presently funding the The TKG Biography Project which is headed by Garuda Prabhu (Dr Graham Schweig). Extensive research is ongoing for this project. Significant progress has been made. So far four draft chapters have been completed. The post Prabhupada days and his years in academia are the chapters left to be written. His Grace Mahasaumya Prabhu, a god brother of Srila Gurudeva is assisting Garuda Prabhu with the project.

The needs of the biography project has initiated a discussion about the necessity of creating an archive of Srila Gurudeva’s correspondences with Srila Prabhupada, his God-brothers, his disciples, followers and academia, etc. It is a monumental task. We are in discussion on how to go about initiating and executing it. If it goes forward we need the help of all of you.

We are almost out of some of Srila Gurudeva’s books. We have 1 of Servant of the Servant and half a box of Reason and Belief. The next project is to reprint these title. If any devotees want to help with this important service please contact me.